u   50W, super slim 1U modular design

u   PSTN telephone interconnection

u   Higher sensitivity, stronger anti-interference

u   Support ADC8000 dispatcher center

AR8000 has achieved a huge leap in terms ofappearance design, hardware RF and software technology capability. Based on thepast 10 years of field experience of ABELL digital repeaters, feedback fromcustomers in different industries in dozens of countries around the world andthe technological innovations and iterations of ABELL R&D team, the newgeneration of ABELL Repeater AR8000 is able to provide enterprise/municipalusers with strong communication coverage, excellent performance and solidreliability for their wireless communication systems.

Product Introduction

AR8000 repeater adopts modular design,integrating high-performance RF module, main control board, high-efficiency switchingpower supply, configured with external DC power supply interface, smallsize(1U), rugged and compact structure, strong environmental adaptability,suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. AR8000 is high performance professionaldigital/analog repeater.

AR8000 repeater provides DMR/analog signalretransmission, supports various signaling, and supports interoperability betweentwo way radios and wired phones and cell phones, expanding the scope of use. Itsupports internet network to achieve multi-sites networking and large areacoverage at low cost.

As AR8000 repeater adopts modular design,in addition to achieve high performance, it is also easy to maintain, convenientmodule replacement and upgrade. The unit module level interface is open, easyto standardize, while having good interchangeability, with the technology iterationof chip manufacturers, you can quickly realize the AR8000 module upgrade. It isalso convenient for more service providers to realize the application needs ofsecondary development by replacing modules.

AR8000 repeater has completeself-test/self-diagnosis function, and can achieve remote monitoring,convenient repeaters management. It can be automatically configured for easyupgrading and maintenance.



Ø   19-inch 1U structure design, easy for users to installmulti-channels integration

Ø   99 channels capacity, designed with status indicator LEDs andchannel display.

Ø   Support fast analog signaling retransmission, support CTCSS/CDCSSsub-tone retransmission

Ø   Antenna contact failure protection, prevents poor communication dueto antenna installation

Ø   Maximum power 50W, 5W~50W power adjustable, improve the coveragearea and probability of reliable communication.

Ø   Full modular design, optimized RF performance, easy to check,replace and maintenance

Ø   Dual fan cooling automatic control, support 24 hours working

Ø   PSTN cable telephone interconnection, achieve communication betweenradios and cable telephone s and mobile phones

Ø   Support key password protection to prevent mis-operation andincrease operation reliability

Ø   Support front USB programming port, convenient for programmingoperation

Ø   Integrated a number of patents

AdvancedConfiguration and System Networking(Optional)

Ø   Support ABELL IP network system, support IP soft-switch andmulti-stations interconnection network.

Ø   Support ABELL ADC8000 dispatcher system (Beidou/GPS, track playback,recording system, ......)

Ø   Support ABELL ARD800 monitoring system (self-diagnosis, remoteconfiguration, monitoring and network management)

Ø   Support ABELL smart trunking system, channel sharing, improvefrequency utilization rate(coming soon).

The Solution

As the complexity of the problem increases,the means of solving the problem needs to be diversified, so customers oftenuse the network of multiple systems and multiple devices to solve the problem.AR8000 provides a variety of gateway functions to help customers to achieve thecommunication between different systems.

Through the public and private mix networkrepeater AR8000 to realize the PoC, DMR and analog convergence and interoperability.



Technical specification

General Specifications

FrequencyUHF:400-470MHz 450-520MHz 350-400MHz
Channel Capacity99CH
Channel SpacingAnalog:12.5KHz/25KHz     Digital:12.5KHz
Operation Voltage100~264VAC~50/60Hz ;   DC13.8V±15%
Current Consumption(DC)≤12A(50W transmit)
Current Consumption(AC)≤1.2A(50W transmit)
Frequency Stability±0.5ppm
Antenna Impedance50Ω
Working Cycle100%
Size (L*W*H)403(L)*430(W)*45(H) mm
NetworkIP network


FM Modulation11K0F3E @12.5kHz; 16K0F3E @25kHz
4FSK Digital Modulationdata:7K60FXD、data and voice: 7K6OFXW


Working:-36dBm≤1GHz ,   -30dBm > 1GHz
Standby:-57dBm≤1GHz,    -47dBm > 1GHz
Modulation Limitation士2.5kHz @12.5kHz;   5kHz @25kHz
FM and Noise40dB @12.5kHz;   45dB @25kHz
Adjacent Channel Power60dB @12.5kHz;   70dB @25kHz


SensitivityAnalog: 0.225uV(12dB SINAD); 0.18uV(typical value)(12dB SINAD)
Digital: 0.22V/BER 5%
Adjacent Channel Selectivity65dB@12.5kHz/75dB @25kHz(TIA-603)
60dB @12.5kHz/70dB @25kHz(ETSI)

Disturbance Rejection

75dB @12.5/25kHz(TlA-603);
70dB @12.5/25kHz(ETSI)
Spurious Disturbance Rejection80dB
AC sound and noise40dB @12.5kHz;    45dB @25kHz
Nominal Harmonic Distortion<3%
Audio Response+1 ~ -3dB
Conductive Spuriousness≤1GHz : ≤-57dBm;   >1GHz : ≤-47dBm

Environmental Performance

Working Temperature-30℃ ~ +60℃
Storage Temperature-40℃ ~ +85℃