High and New Tech Enterprise Certificate to Abell.docx


Recently Abell received High and New Tech Enterprise Certificate (Reference No. GR201244200532; period of validity: 3 years) issued by Shenzhen Scientific & Technological Innovation Committee, Shenzhen Financial Affairs Committee, Shenzhen Provincial Office of SAT and Administrator of Local Taxation of Shenzhen Municipality

As specified in Administrative Measures for the Determination of High and New Tech Enterprises, the enterprise has independent intellectual property of the core technologies in its key products (services); the products are within the range as prescribed in High and New Tech Fields under the Key Support of the State; the enterprise’s level of organization and management of research and development, capacity of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, number of independent intellectual property rights, growth in sales and total assets as well as other indicators should meet the requirements in Guidelines on the Administration of Determination of High and New Tech Enterprises. Besides preferential treatment such as tax reduction or exemption, the high and new tech enterprise also enjoys great support of national, provincial or municipal government on scientific research projects, government procurement, talent introduction, project site, funding, etc.

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