ABELL professional digital public radio A-M30P going to market


Through carefully design and repeatedly testing by Abell Industril Co.,Ltd, the brand new digital public network mobile radio comes to the market.

The digital public network radio is primarily designed for covering the big area, louder the voice, no power off, no offline, easy for management, safety driving, Abell Industrial cooperated with professional platform provider and ZTE communications, made the countrywide wireless communication accomplished via China telecom network coverage, built in GPS module, assembly with GPS antenna and GSM antenna, make it possible for timely positioning, playback of GPS tacking, voice recording.

To make sure the digital public mobile radio can work in wide-range high speed, cross-district.,etc environment, based on shenzhen, ABELL team along with new digital mobile radio went to BeiJing, ShangHai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang.,etc at least twenty cities, to test radio in real situation like in car, taxi, train, highway, ferry, and basement, in addition with improving the performance and technical index according to testing result and special user’s requirements. After our R&D department had taken repeatedly testing, smooth communications works in all kinds of applications, also won the good reviews from distributors and end users. ABELL will continue to work with our partners to protect and develop the market.

Digital Public network mobile radio applications and main parameters

Industry: city management,traffic police, post office, port, ferry, taxi,residue car,stirring car, transportation, communications, power electricity, construction and wild operation sector.

Digital mobile radio over cellular picture and main parameters


Frequency period800MHZtransmitting frequency824~849MHZ

Working voltagestandard 12V10.8~15.6V

Standard power consumptionstand by current200mAaverage working current300mAmaximum current850mA

Working temperature-25—+60℃

Maximum transmit power23dBm—-25dBm All up bits

Signal receiving sensitivity-106dBm

Talking groups32group

Function of digital mobile radio over cellular

nationwide wireless communication

Single call, group call, selective call, insert call, remote kill, remote stun

Monitoring, voice recording

GPS positioningGPS tracking playback

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