Abell attended the inaugural meeting of China Digital Mobile Radio (CDMR) forum


     Recently, inaugural meeting of China Digital Mobile Radio (CDMR) forum was successfully held inHangzhou. The meeting
was organized by 13 well-known professional digital wireless communication companies, research institutes and universities. The purpose is to promote the research and development of China’s independent intellectual property rights, conversion of professional wireless communication from analog to digital and find solutions for digital wireless communication problems. Many companies and universities attended this meeting, such as integrators of professional wireless communication equipment, radio equipment and cluster traders, professional wireless communication research institutions, Tsinghua University, etc. And Abell also took part in it.
     Several hot topics were discussed at the meeting. They were: professional digital wireless communications technology and
standardization, intellectual property sharing mechanism, multi-polarization and regionalization of Chinese digital trunking standard, opportunities and challenges for walkie-talkie market, Chinese oriented of DMR standard application, dedicated professional digital wireless communications chip manufacturing and market forecasts. Delegates participated in discussions together to give suggestions for development of Chinese professional digital wireless communication.

     After this meeting, participants realized that DMR standard format has advantages which other formats can not be compared with ,For companies, the barriers to entry it is lower and it is more convenient for large-scale integrated production. Large-scale integrated production model must be used if you want to really control the cost of production digital intercom. As the mainstream of international digital radio standard, end products of DMR technology is increasing rapidly worldwide.

     In October, 2011, the Ministry of industry and Information Technology issued “Notice of planning and management on the 150MHz-400MHz band radio frequency”. In the meeting, experts believed that reality needs of walkie-talkie “rotation model” will be more urgent with the increasingly tense radio frequency resources. It not only can save a lot of digital frequency resources, but also greatly reduce the interference problems.

     In addition, attendees also discussed the future opportunities and risks of Chinese professional digital wireless
communications, opportunities and challenges of development for radio and communications industry cluster, and whether
most manufactures could reach a consensus in sharing intellectual property, unifying standard proposals and coordination
of equipment.

     CDMR forum is a non-profit organization which can get in touch with members from the International DMR Association, to carry out academic exchange and promote DMR digital communication technology to apply and develop in China. Its purpose is to strengthen the industry and government and promote the widely application of DMR digital communication technology in various industries, to improve production efficiency and the efficiency of government departments.